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Successful athletes almost always have one thing in common—they systematically set goals and document their progress. Esports Nebula’s  Counter Strike: Global Offensive S.M.A.R.T. Practice Journal provides a clear and concise method for setting goals and tracking performance over the 8 week course. 

This course is organized in a simple and straight forward manner that should take only 5–10 minutes after practice to complete and slightly longer at the end of each week in review. Each week provides a stepping stone to identify and track game performance, team work, mental and technical/tactical goals. 

Our Practice Journal effectively promotes accountability, helps athletes set and meet challenging goals, and stay motivated so that they are ready to compete at the best of their ability.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Increases awareness of your behavior in match.
  • Reminds you to changes you’ve made from practice to practice.
  • Allows you to evaluate your progress.
  • Provides a record of accomplishment over time.
  • Helps you achieve your goals sooner and stay on course for the long term.

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